Focus & Scope

Focus & Scope

The "Review of Artificial Intelligence in Education" encompasses a wide range of topics at the intersection of artificial intelligence and education, including, but not limited to:

  • Development and analysis of intelligent tutoring systems
  • Personalization of learning through AI
  • Use of data analytics for educational optimization
  • Adaptive and individualized learning with AI
  • Gamification and simulation in AI-assisted education
  • Human-machine interaction in educational settings
  • Ethics and privacy in AI in educational contexts
  • Integration of AI into curricula and pedagogical practices
  • Automated assessment and real-time feedback

The journal also dedicates itself to presenting critical analyses and reflections on the effectiveness, equity, and societal impact of AI in education, encouraging constructive debate and meaningful contributions to the advancement of the field.

Target Audience: The "Review of Artificial Intelligence in Education" is intended for scholars, researchers, educators, industry professionals, and decision-makers who are interested in exploring the possibilities and challenges of AI in education. We also invite contributions from experts in ethics, regulation, and policy related to AI in educational contexts.

Editorial Themes: Our journal consists of sections that reflect our mission of critical analysis and rigorous review. These sections include:

  1. Scientific Review Articles: In-depth analyses of recent research and emerging trends in the application of AI in education, with an emphasis on synthesis and critical evaluation.
  2. Case Studies and Best Practices: Concrete examples of successful implementations of AI in education, highlighting lessons learned and best practices.
  3. Ethical and Social Reflections: Explorations of ethical, legal, and societal issues related to the use of AI in education, stimulating discussion and awareness.
  4. Expert Interviews: In-depth conversations with leaders and innovators in the field of AI in education, offering valuable insights and unique perspectives.
  5. Book and Tool Reviews: Critical evaluations of books, software, and tools relevant to the AI in education community.

By emphasizing critical review and the dissemination of innovative knowledge, the "Review of Artificial Intelligence in Education" aims to drive the ongoing evolution of AI integration in the educational domain, inspiring collaboration and creative thinking.